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Team Member Archive - Sprung Suspension Workshop


Duncan came to suspension later in his career after spending the majority of his life making sure cinemas could function. That level of detail and responsibility plays into his work at Sprung and he makes sure everything he touches meets his high standards before it can leave his sight. His bikes spend more time being fettled than ridden, which is amazing bearing in mind he puts more hours in on the bike than most of us could dream of!


Rob is here to help all you lovely customers of ours. He has been a customer service and tech support manager in the bike industry previously, has been riding bikes in the hills since ’93, and now has the task of making sure we get your suspension done on time. Give him a call or send him an email to keep him nice and busy. Like a chat about bikes from the 90’s and early noughties, the golden era he reckons. Rides a 2023 Transition Smuggler mostly though.



Phil cut his teeth building Lancia rally engines and went onto working for VW before driving the uplift van here in the Forest of Dean for a few years before joining Sprung. He is very methodical with his work, which is key for looking after your suspension with all it’s small bits!


Jake has been a suspension super-geek since getting into mountain biking at the age of 14. Years later, after a wealth of mechanical development work and spannering on the World Cup DH Scene, opening Sprung was a logical step. Jake has spent time working with frame manufacturers, Rockshox, SRAM and Ohlins, as well as testing gear with Dirt and MBUK. If you have a random technical query or just want to geek out about suspension or geometry, Jake’s your man.