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Data Logging Days

Fully dial your bike’s setup

with World Cup race engineer Jake Ireland

We are the only data logging provider in the UK that can offer a full package solution from service, to internal tuning backed up with our in house dyno, combined with data logging on the bike.

What we do

We can cater for you regardless of whether you’re looking to get the best possible setup, are simply interested in the process, or if you’re a regular World Cup top 10 rider. We can data log virtually any bike, whether it’s an XC whippet, an Enduro slayer or a DH big-rig.

We’ve been riding bikes with data logging equipment attached since 2007 and have used data collected to help with frame development, fork and shock development and tuning as well as fine tuning some of the world’s best riders’ bikes.

How we do it

We’ll cover everything we usually would, from brake lever position and bar width before diving deep into suspension and bike setup using our state of the art data logging equipment along with slow-mo video analysis to make sure you’re super happy with how your bike is riding.

The data doesn’t just allow us to give you the best suspension setup, but gives us all the relevant pointers for whether we’d make any changes elsewhere on your bike, for example the bike’s reach, head angle, chainstay length and BB height.

One Rider Focus

These day long sessions are for one rider only, to make sure you get the best from them and give you our devoted attention

We can tailor to you

We can tailor these sessions to you, so please call us to discuss your requirements and to book.

Prices start at £300/day. We can run data logging at any location of your choice in the UK or Europe.

We can offer season long packages as well as race weekend support and pit areas.

A typical Data Logging day would involve:

  • – Arrive at venue
  • – Fit our BYB Telemetry Kit to your bike, discuss setup, requirements and make any obvious/immediate changes
  • – An initial run to warm up, get data from old setup (if needed)
  • – Runs through the day to make changes and make sure you’re happy with the setup
  • – Video analysis when needed
  • – Printed (and/or emailed) suspension settings, data logging read-outs and setup notes to give you pointers should you want to change settings due to weather conditions etc.
  • – Ongoing settings advice

Extra useful details:

  • – Data logging days are booked at £300 plus our travel expenses. An example of this would be £350 for a day at Dyfi Bike Park. You will be required to book your own uplift.
  • – A 50% refundable deposit is taken at the time of booking. This secures you the day as our calendar fills so fast.
  • – If you cancel with more than 14 days notice, you’ll get your whole deposit back.
  • – If you cancel with less than 14 days notice, you will lose your deposit.
  • – If we cancel at any time, you’ll get your whole deposit back.
  • – If you break any of the data sensors through neglect or crashing, you will be required to pay for them.
  • – You will need to have your bike in good working order. If you’re local to us or if it’s convenient, we can fit the data kit prior to the day and bring your bike to whatever testing location with us to maximise your time on the bike.