Super Alloy Racing spring – DH Light 140mm with POM Spacer


Super Alloy Racing spring – DH Light 140mm with POM Spacer.

It has always been an issue with getting the perfect spring rate, so introducing a 25lb increment change enables the rider to include the spring a part of their tuning package thus buying two springs for different types of riding or surface i.e. you would choose to go 25lb lighter for more high speed descent riding where compression values increase their range thus not relying on the spring so much for support.

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POM001A – Old Vivid, Commencal V3, 216 x 63mmm RockShox R2C /Vivid, POM001 – RockShox Vivid, POM001SD – RockShox Deluxe, POM002 FOX/Push Industries/Marzocchi, POM003 – Cane Creek / Ohlins, POM004 – Avalanche, POM005 BOS / XFusion, POM006 – Marzocchi Moto, POM007 – DVO, NO POM

Spring Weight

225lbs, 250lbs, 275lbs, 300lbs, 325lbs, 350lbs, 375lbs, 400lbs, 425lbs, 450lbs, 475lbs, 500lbs