MTB air rear shock Sag Indicator Tool


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Setting sag is the most important thing you can do to set up your suspension well, yet so many people don’t.

We have designed and made this handy little sag indicator tool you can have in your toolbox to make it quick and easy to ensure you are at the desired sag point.
Just choose the tool that matches your shock stroke and the handy little guide will give you an accurate guage of where you have your sag point, super easy and way better than digging out a ruler or tape measure.
We do them in a range of sizes as well as a full set for the keen home mechanic or for professional bike workshops.

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Shock Stroke

50mm, 52.5mm, 55mm, 57.5mm, 60mm, 62.5mm, 65mm, Workshop Full Set 50mm – 65mm