Cane Creek Tigon Coil Shock


This may as well be called the Cane Creek Levo shock as lets be honest that was the though process behind this shock, most likely! It allows a relatively linear bike to run a coil like shock and avoid the snapping shocks issue of the clevis style design on the Specialized Levo. It will also be excellent on linear single pivot designs such as Starling bikes. So get in touch and chat it through with us as for certain bikes this shock is a game changer.

  • WEIGHT: +/- 438g *210 – without spring, varies by size
  • DAMPING: DB Twin Tube Technology
  • ADJUSTMENTS: RAMP Tube, Independent high & low-speed compression, low-speed rebound,
  • 2 position Climb Switch
  • SHAFT DIAMETER: 12.7mm (1/2”)

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210×50, 210×52.5, 210×55, 230×60, 230×62.5, 230×65, 205×60, 205×62.5, 205×65