Cane Creek DBair IL G2 Trunnion 185 x 55/52.5/50

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Cane Creek is proud to introduce the new Air IL and Coil IL shocks packing class leading performance in a smaller and stronger package. IL shocks feature class leading externally adjustable DB Twin Tube technology for the widest range of 4-way damping adjustability on the market.

Both AIR IL and Coil IL now feature a thicker inner damper tube for increased strength and a 17mm reduction in overall width on the valve body to increase fitment possibilities on tight frames. AIR IL features a 6mm reduction in the outer diameter of the Air spring to further increase the likelihood of fitment while increasing the max psi pressure up to 350psi (Up from 300psi). Coil IL features added detents on the preload collar allow more precise preload tuning.

We can custom valve, setup, and fit to your bike for you, all included in the price.


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