Burgtec Mount Hardware – Standard


Arguably the best mount kits out there, the Burgtec shock mount kits include their pretensioned Hula Hoop bushes as well as titanium precision machined spacers.

Available in all popular sizes, see below.

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25x8mm, 21.8x8mm, 22.0x6mm, 22.0x8mm, 22.0x10mm, 25.4x8mm, 30.0x8mm, 34.0x8mm, 35.0x8mm, 40.0x8mm, 41.0x6mm, 41.0x8mm, 35.5x8mm, 45.0x8mm, 15.75x8mm, 19.0x8mm, 19.0x6mm, 22.2x8mm, 30.0x6mm, 25.4x6mm, 40.0x10mm