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Atlas Ride Co

Atlas Ride Co was established in 2012 in the Mountain Bike Mecca of Morzine where its founder and still owner Richard Wilford was living the dream, riding bikes in the summer and snowboarding in the winter season. They soon expanded beyond the mountains of Morzine into new destinations including Finale Ligure and the Aosta Valley. During Covid, Atlas purchased a small UK business called Tom Hutton MTB and their UK tours launched across the UK with Scotland, Wales and England all on the hit list! 

Rich now calls Bath / Bristol home and here is how this partnership began. Atlas Ride Co operate a full Levo SL demo fleet and Experience Days for Specialized UK. These bikes are used nearly every week and the team at Atlas make sure they are kept in perfect condition. Through a combination of Sterlands Cycles and Sprung, we ensure their bikes and all suspension elements are performing exactly as they should be. 

Forks, shocks and droppers are regularly serviced by Sprung, making sure your experience as a rider is at its absolute best.

Here at Sprung we also offer pre and post-holiday services to ensure their client’s suspension is going to be able to take the abuse and battering from a proper riding holiday in world-class destinations. 

We can also offer setup services to help you dial in your bike for the Bike parks of Morzine or the relentless rock, drops and flat-out terrain of Finale Ligure, or anywhere in between. We can do this in-house in our workshop in the Forest of Dean, and follow it up with video analysis on the trails, only metres from our door. We can offer data logging, freelap and video analysis at other locations such as Dyfi Bike Park should you really be keen to get your bike’s performance perfect for fast laps where you’ll be pushing hard.

“ Sprung go above and beyond whenever it comes to servicing suspension or their suspension set-up days. The knowledge and experience Jake and his team have is invaluable and we wouldn’t consider sending our clients or bikes anywhere else. “
Testimonial – Rich Atlas Ride Co, Founder / Owner

Some of the Atlas clients have opted for a full set-up day with us in the past as this can completely transform the performance of their bike and also the enjoyment of their holiday. Preventing blown arms, increasing grip and saving the body as much as possible from unnecessary abuse whilst riding flat out for 6 days on a holiday is the aim of the game here. – Generally we’d start with making sure your suspension is serviced and working at it’s best, before running through some workshop based setup to make sure volume spacers and spring rates are correct, before hitting the trais to make finer adjustments to sag/ride height, and rebound and compression damping. Using video analysis along with our wealth of experience and data we hold, your bike will never have ridden so well!

Atlas Ride Co clients will benefit from a discount on all servicing, parts and set-up days when they’re booked to be completed between 8 weeks and 4 weeks before the trip. We don’t like seeing your suspension the week before you go – it’s unnecessary pressure all round!

To find out more about Atlas Ride Co and the amazing holidays they offer all over the world please check out Atlas Ride Co and follow them on Socials