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Frequent Questions

Whether you want to ask if we service your part, have speciality components in stock or simple want some advice; please get in touch.

You can see our workshop turnaround times on the homepage.

Ask Us

How do I book?

First things first, please book your service in with us here.
The booking process ensures your suspension is worked on in a timely manner so please do follow it.
Once you have booked in it's time to send us your kit.
1. Remove your fork, shock or seat post from your bike and give it a clean.
We don’t need your bike and we don’t need your spring on a coil shock.
We don’t always need your dropper lever, for more info see our video here.
2. Package it up safely and don't forget a copy of your booking info (a hand written note is fine!)
3. Post with a decent courier to Sprung Suspension Workshop Ltd, Unit 18a Corinium Business Park, Cinderford, GL14 2YD, UK
4. Once we’ve received your kit we’ll confirm by email to you it's arrived, label it up, and pop it in the queue to be serviced. We'll be in touch with any questions if we need to, such as custom tuning options etc.
5. It will be serviced on the date you selected in your booking, if we need to repair or replace something outside of what a normal service consists of the technicain will try call you to discuss before going ahead.
6. Once it's done we will email you an invoice with payment details and text you to let you know it's complete. You can pay over the phone or by bank transfer. Once we have payment we will courier your kit back to you, unless you have selected pickup from workshop.
7. You can check the front page for our current workshop turn around times.

Do I need to remove my suspension from my bike?

If you’re sending it in, then obviously yes - or you can speak to your local bike shop who will be able to do it for you. If you’re local to us, you can bring your bike in for us to remove and refit the parts for you, costs are:
  • Fork Removal and Refitting - £15
  • Shock Removal and Refitting - £10
  • Seatpost Removal and Refitting - £10
If your fork or shock have any lockouts or through headset cable routing there maybe additional charges which we can advise you on at drop off.

Can you tune my fork/shock?

Yes we can, prices start from £35. When you book your suspension in just select the custom tune option and the technician working on your shock/forks will tune it based on your bike and weight along with any notes you have put on the booking. If we need any more information from you we will call you to discuss your needs, from custom shimstacks to Andreani piston kits and more!

Can you send back my old seals?

If you request it, we can send back everything we replace (other than oil!). We will always return any larger parts we have to replace outside the cost of the service, but will usually dispose of all the old seals and oils here to save you the hassle.  If you’d like to have everything back, just let us know.

What guarantee/warranty do you give?

We give a 6 month warranty on all our workmanship. We like to think we’re very fair with this, however it doesn’t cover heading straight to the alps and smashing through a whole service interval in 2 weeks! It’s super rare for us to have any returns (returns rate under 1%), so we’ll always take any issues seriously and help you get sorted as quickly and easily as possible. Just get in touch on either 01594 729030, info@sprungsuspension.com, or come and visit us at the workshop.

What is your address?

Unit 18a, Corinium Business Park, Cinderford, GL14 2YD. We are here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, other times we are out riding or sleeping.

What are the postage costs for fork/shock servicing?

  • We charge £11 to return your shock to you and £15 to return your forks. If you are sending in forks and shock, we charge £15 to return them both as they go in the same box. We use DPD next day so you get live tracking and your suspension is insured against loss or damage.
  • If you want us to arrange for our courier to collect and then return your suspension we charge a fee of £29 for shock/£32 for forks. If you miss the courier collecting your suspension for any reason then we charge a missed collection fee of £13.
  • We do re-use your packaging to send your suspension back to you where we can. However if it is not suitable to safely return your items back to you we have fork and shock boxes we use, these are chargeable at £2 for a shock box and £5 for a fork box. They are reusable so if you can it is worth hanging onto them for when it is time to send your fork and shock in for service again.

My booking says 'pending confirmation', what does that mean?

When you book we reserve a slot on that day for you so we are ready and waiting for your suspension.  However we only confirm the booking when your suspension arrives with us - you get notified it is confirmed and that way you know it is safely in our hands waiting to be serviced.

What happens if my Suspension needs new parts?

If your suspension needs parts outside of the scope of a full service then we will try to contact you at that point to discuss, we do ask you are available on the day of service so we can talk to you if needed. If we cannot contact you we will only go ahead if we feel it is economically viable to do so, if not we will set your service aside until we can talk to you, this will result in your service being delayed however.