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Frequent Questions

Whether you want to ask if we service your part, have speciality components in stock or simple want some advice; please get in touch.

Ask Us

How do I book?

New website process needed here!

Do I need to remove my suspension from my bike?

If you’re sending it in, then obviously yes - or you can speak to your local bike shop who will be able to do it for you. If you’re local to us, you can bring your bike in for us to remove and refit the parts for you for £15.

Can you tune my fork/shock?

Maybe include the pop-up form here to request.

Can you send back my old seals?

If you request it, we can send back everything we replace (other than oil!). We will always return any larger parts we have to replace outside the cost of the service, but will usually dispose of all the old seals and oils here to save you the hassle.  If you’d like to have everything back, just let us know.

What guarantee/warranty do you give?

We give a 3 month warranty on all our workmanship. We like to think we’re very fair with this, however it doesn’t cover heading straight to the alps and smashing through a whole service interval in 2 weeks! It’s super rare for us to have any returns (returns rate under 1%), so we’ll always take any issues seriously and help you get sorted as quickly and easily as possible.